Valiance is a machine learning consulting firm focusing on solving business problems.

We provide an end-to-end machine learning solution powered by strong MLOps best practices, deployed on cloud and on-premise infrastructures.

Started as Pacmann in 2017 along with data science academy and training service, we now branch out as Valiance to focus on data science consulting and AI-powered products development. To this date, we have made tens of machine learning services and hundreds of models in a wide-range of industries in Indonesia.

Why Work with Valiance?

  • >_We are out of the box but never out of <context>

    Our data scientists and engineers always keep up with the latest trend in machine learning applications across industries so that we are able to creatively design cutting-edge solutions without compromising relevancy.

  • >_We care about the <goals> of your business

    We care about the goals of your business. We strive to solve real business challenges. Our team listens to your needs and pain points and curates solutions that really help you with that.

  • >_We deliver what we have <promised>

    We like challenges, but our team is upfront about our delivery and limitations, so you will know exactly what you are going to get.

  • >_We provide hassle-free solutions.

    We develop the solutions from end to end: from building the dataset, doing the research, training the model, preparing the infrastructure, until deploying them, so you can adopt our solutions quickly, without stress or any hassle.

  • >_We are research-based.

    We care about the thinking process as much as we care about the results.

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