Create Better Business Decisions

  • Online Analytics Dashboard
  • Predictive Capability
  • Continuous Expert Guidance

Why Choose Valiance Analytics Dashboard?

Traditional System
Valiance Analytics Dashboard
Monitor business conditions, anytime, anywhere
Forecast business performance based on historical data
Assess the root cause of trend changes
Support from data analytics experts

Online Analytics Dashboard

Monitor the latest condition of your business from desktop and handphone.

Business Performance Forecasting

Forecast the performance of your priority metrics (sales, revenue) using statistical methods.

Root Cause Assessment

Assess the factors that affect your business performance.

Continuous Expert Guidance

Discuss with our data experts on problems, trends, and insights related to your business.

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How It Works

Initial Meeting:

Establish a preliminary understanding of client needs, expectations,and goals.

Requirement Analysis:

Gather comprehensive information, identify key issues, and create the right requirement.

Contract Signing:

Mutual agreements to the terms and conditions outlined.

Data Integration:

Implement the necessary data pipeline to ensure the quality of information presented to business.

Dashboard Development:

Implement the calculation and visualization necessary to gain business insight

User Training:

Provide training to users on how the system works and how to analyze and interpret the output of the dashboard.

Expert Discussion:

Periodic discussions with our data experts on problems, trends, and insights that might be missed by the users.

System Maintenance:

Preventive and corrective maintenance on the system to ensure maximum value for end users.


Analytics Dashboard

Sales, Marketing, and Finance Dashboard

Development Time

1-2 Months

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Dedicated Consulting
  • Data Integration System
  • Advanced Data Analytics
  • Machine Learning System
Development Time

3-8 Months

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